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Our Lab
Using the method of cold pressing, this preserves the natural qualities of olive oil, we are able to produce top quality White SOAP, rich in natural Glycerin, fragrance oils and herbs that grows in our island. Our product soon became sought after and our Lab expands and produces continuously.

Cultivation – Harvesting

The cultivation of our family olive groves from the time before great grandfather Nikolas is done with organic fertilizer. A natural and economical way of fertilizing with compost using vegetable residues of the olive grove. Then the compost is embedded in the ground with a cultivator.

The harvest of olives in the traditional way (by hand) is a method that we follow and no contemporary method has been able to replace it. In this way we give to the modern olive oil mill selected fruit, which in turn will give extra virgin olive oil, enhanced with flavour, which its taste is preserved unaltered over time and stored in stainless steel tanks.

Our Aim
We develop products with the purest materials and with high standard quality to satisfy even the most demanding customer. With respect and sensitivity towards the environment the products we manufacture are environmentally friendly, organic and biodegradable.
    Cold Pressing Method and Maturing
Our SOAP is produced by the cold pressing method. We follow this method because there is no boiling of the oil nor addition of salt, with the result that the rich in moisturizing properties of glycerol produced, remains in the SOAP. The saponification reaction continues slowly for several hours inside the mould. This method is 'slow' because it requires the long maturing of soaps, unlike the warm process. When it comes out of the mould it is cut and placed in sealed wooden shelves for the ripening process, which takes 6-8 weeks.

In the older days for economical reasons they used the remaining of used fried oil rather than extra virgin olive oil. Boiling and adding salt to the oil all residues sat at the bottom of the cauldron and they skimmed the soap from the surface. As a result the natural glycerine of the SOAP was wasted.